5 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

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While there’s no denying that the American economy is largely driven by consumer habits, manufacturing and industrial work still plays a huge role. More than just an economic impact, however, these industries also have a pronounced impact on the global environment. As consumers grow more aware of the effects of climate change, businesses face more pressure from consumers, governments, and international organizations alike to make their practices more eco-friendly. Brent Industries has been helping businesses make smart waste recycling decisions since 1977. Here are just a few ways you can make your business more eco-friendly.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Every business, no matter their field, relies on a massive quantity of energy and fuel in order to keep their operation running. While this expenditure of energy may produce great results, it’s also taking a toll on the environment. An energy audit can help your business identify opportunities to reduce energy usage, without affecting your production capabilities. 

An energy audit examines particular work zones, and even individual pieces of equipment, and helps you determine how to better utilize your energy to maximize your output while minimizing your energy consumption. In some cases, it could be as simple as shutting off the lights in some work areas for a few hours each day or replacing HVAC filters more frequently.

Work with Environmentally Conscious Partners

No business works in a vacuum. You likely work with a list of partners that supply you with raw materials, help you transport goods, or even provide labor and services. One of the fastest ways to help your business go green, and also reward others that already have, is to simply work with partners who have an environmental plan. Changing partners could be a slow-moving process depending on existing contracts and agreements, but this change can have long-reaching effects.

Utilize Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources are now becoming the norm for businesses and manufacturing centers. Wind and solar energy, in particular, are proving to be sustainable and cost-effective for companies to utilize. Switching to these forms of energy may have an upfront cost to consider, there are numerous state and federal tax cuts and incentives that help to lower these costs, or offset them entirely. This makes renewable energy more enticing than ever to businesses and is a long-term strategy for improving your environmental practices.

Remain Compliant with Environmental Laws

Perhaps the most straightforward way to ensure your business is eco-friendly is to closely follow environmental laws. The EPA has created guidelines and rules that establish best practices for businesses, as well as outline the repercussions for not following these. 

These regulations serve as the minimum guidelines you should be following. Many companies choose to go above and beyond these regulations, working toward a B Corporation certification that ensures they put the environment first in their work. For those in the textile industry, working toward a production cycle that is BLUESIGN approved ensures that the business is using sustainable practices to create their products.

Recycle Your Waste Textiles

The idea of disposable materials and goods has certainly lowered operational costs for many businesses, but the environmental cost is very high. Countless businesses equip their employees with personal protective equipment that gets soiled with chemicals, dirt, and grime. Wiping materials are used to absorb oil, hazardous waste, and other caustic chemicals and then store haphazardly in waste barrels. 

While these waste textiles may be used, they aren’t useless. These textiles can be readily recycled, reconditioned, and refurbished for you to use again. This means that you can use the same set of wiping materials to respond to countless spills. The same pair of work gloves can be used by dozens of workers for hundreds of projects. This recycling process helps to reduce your environmental impact and saves your company money.

Recondition Your Waste Materials Today

For more than 40 years, Brent Industries has been the preeminent textile recycling company. Our closed-loop chemical recycling process is environmentally friendly, and EPA compliant. This helps reduce the environmental impact of your business, while also ensuring that your operation is always supplied with the PPE and wiping materials it needs.

Learn more about our green waste recycling service and connect with a Brent Industries rep to find out more about our reconditioned textile sales.

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