Absorbents Reconditioning

When there’s a spill at your business, be it a chemical, fuel, or other liquid, reacting quickly can help to minimize other issues

Absorbents, be they pads, socks, booms, or pillows, can be deployed to soak up liquids like oil, grease, fluids, and other chemicals. But once your absorbent materials have done their job and are soaked in hazardous materials, what are you to do next?

Fortunately, Brent Industries has a solution. Now you can make the most of your investments and your absorbents by taking advantage of our reconditioning process. Recent technological advances allow polypropylene absorbents such as pads, booms, socks, and pillows to be reconditioned and reused.

Which Absorbents Can We Recondition?

Thanks to our innovative processes and techniques, we can recondition all of the most commonly used adsorbents used in manufacturing and other contexts. By reconditioning these products, we help to reduce waste by ensuring they can be used again, eliminating the need for more to be produced.

Absorbent Socks

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective and flexible absorbent options out there, absorbent socks are an ideal way to keep your floors clean and your workspaces safe. Thanks to their design, socks can be molded to surround a spill and can be fitted to nearly any surface. Socks absorb any liquid they come in contact with and contain them within the material.

Absorbent Pads

Not unlike the paper towels you use in your kitchen at home, absorbent pads are used in individual sheets, by the stack, or by the roll. These are the most versatile of absorbents, as they can be used for nearly any purpose. Whether you’re wiping up a small spill, sopping up after a leak, or supplementing your spill kits, you’ll find a practical use for these pads.

Absorbent Booms

When your chemical spill is near or on water, you should reach for an absorbent boom first. Even when saturated, a boom will float on water, offering you a solution for challenging spills and leaks. Similar in construction to socks, absorbent booms are a vital part of any spill-response kit if your business works near a waterway.

Absorbent Pillows

A more robust version of the absorbent pad, pillows are used for more major spills. Like the pads, they can be used to soak up fluids but can hold a larger volume of fluid. Pillows can also be used in tight spaces and can be used in fluid reservoirs, waste troughs, or areas that are hard to reach and clean regularly.

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The reconditioning of absorbents is made possible thanks to our green waste recycling process. Brent Industries has crafted a system that allows industrial textiles to be reconditioned and recycled through a zero-waste process.

We transport the dirty materials to our petrochemical refineries where we use a dry-cleaning process to remove the chemicals and toxins out of the fibers of your absorbents. The solvent by-products from the process are then captured by vapor reclaiming dryers and solvent separation recovery units. None of these solvents or vapors are released into the environment around our refinery and are repurposed in future projects.

Here at Brent Industries, we have two programs for the reconditioning of reusable polypropylene absorbents, reconditioning and return.

Reconditioning and Return:

The customer’s reusable polypropylene absorbents are cleaned and returned to the originator.

Closed-Loop Service:

We provide reconditioned absorbents and a return service that minimizes purchasing headaches and multiple invoices – giving you one-stop shopping and waste minimization.

The Value of Reconditioned Absorbents

We recognize that when it comes to purchasing and using absorbents, you likely have a number of choices available. So what makes reconditioned absorbents so valuable?

By having your absorbents reconditioned, you’re saving time and money. Thanks to our process, the same absorbents you send to use for treatment are the ones you get back. This ensures that you always have a steady supply of the absorbent materials that you use and need the most. Reconditioning your absorbents is more cost-effective than simply purchasing new ones. It also saves you money on transporting the hazardous materials to the proper disposal site. Instead, we handle the shipping process for you.

Similarly, purchasing newly reconditioned absorbents from us is a great way to get high-quality materials and products for a much lower price. You’ll get the same effective absorbents for less, and as an added benefit, you’ll know that you’re helping the environment.



We live in an age where we cannot afford to dispose of something after just one use. Rather than just using an absorbent and then disposing of it, make sure it’s reconditioned, returned to service, and then disposed of properly with Brent Industries. All of our reconditioning processes and services are EPA compliant, ensuring that your business is in line with the best environmental practices. 

Contact us today to see how you can get involved in reconditioning your company’s absorbents. We’re happy to provide you with a price quote as well as update you with our availability.

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