Green Waste Recycling FAQs

No manifesting, waste reduction, liability reduction and in most cases better cosmetics.
Yes, provided such materials are transported in sealed vessels, such as drums with lids and locking mechanisms.
Aside from the obvious economic advantages, glove cleaning also helps achieve environmental objectives by reducing industrial waste and landfill use.
In order to understand the unique needs of individual users, Brent Industries, Inc. offers on-site surveys and recommendations. Call your nearest Brent facility for a no-obligation consultation.
Scrap is either returned to the customer, or disposed of locally with approval from the customer’s Environmental Manager.
Yes, every customers’ gloves are kept separate throughout the entire cleaning process.
It depends primarily on how the glove is used in your application, and the glove style. In most cases we have found a range of 3 to 8 washings can be expected.
Gloves are actually softer after going through our process. (Example; an old pair of blue jeans is much more comfortable than a new pair. The same is true for reconditioned gloves the more times they are reconditioned the softer they tend to get.)
We utilize a petroleum based dry-cleaning process where there is virtually no shrinkage.
The HIV virus is a blood borne pathogen, the only method of contracting HIV would be for fresh blood to be passed from an infected individual to another through an open wound or body orifice. HIV lives from 4-6 hours when it is removed from the body, and will not regenerate or otherwise revive itself regardless of circumstances. Other more common viruses are eliminated by the elements of heat and pH that are inherent in the cleaning process.
After distillation, wastes are manifested to a fuels blender for use as a secondary fuel source.
Just call, e-mail or fax to place blanket purchase orders for a priority position to receive reconditioned items.
It depends on the type of product. Some products can be collected in barrels or bins. Other products require different containers or vessels with secure lids. Contact your Brent representative for more information.
For common carrier, orders are typically returned within three days. Brent truck orders are shipped based on a regular scheduled basis.
Pickup frequency depends primarily on volumes generated and geographic location. Contact a Brent representative for routes and schedules.
Most orders ship within one day.
The mechanical action and flow of liquid in the cleaning process will normally remove metal shavings. In extreme cases, if great volumes of shavings are present, it may be necessary to process the items with special attention or to utilize metal detection.
Unless contaminants are present that could cause cross-contamination, items may be placed in a common container for shipment to a Brent processing facility.
Yes, we will clean up to one drum of your products free of charge for the evaluation.

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