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The Best Way to Reclaim Oil

With the push to reduce our carbon footprint, recycling is one of the best ways to do so. This saves new source materials, eliminates wastes from landfills, and saves habitats, as well as saves you money. There are so many benefits to recycling, including recycling your spilt oil absorbents, mats, socks, and soakers.

Brent Industries specializes in oil absorbent recycling services. Our green waste recycling center headquartered in Brent, Alabama, has been going strong since 1977. We began as a small glove reconditioner back when no one really knew what that was. Since then, we have grown to four processing plants with customers in 26 states. We can recycle your oil soakers expeditiously, using our closed loop process that minimizes the impact on the environment, recaptures solvents to reuse, and uses vapor reclaiming dryers that allow no vapors to enter the atmosphere. Send us your oil soakers to reclaim today!

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  • Oil mats
  • Oil soakers
  • Oil socks
  • Absorbent booms
  • Absorbent pillows
  • Universal polypropylene pads
  • Wiping materials
  • Work gloves
  • Safety wear
  • And more!

If you are an auto repair shop, a quick lube station, a gas station, a landscaper, a mechanic shop, a construction company, and more, odds are, you use a lot of fluids every day. From hydraulic fluids to motor oil, lubricants, and coolants, you are constantly needing these items for your machinery, vehicles, tools, and more. As is the case with all things, accidents and spills happen, which is to be expected. When they do, you need the best oil soakers to handle the mess and fast.
Brent Industries offers the best recycled oil soakers for your use. In addition, we offer oil absorbent and soaker recycling services. If you partner with us, you'll send us your oil soakers safely in pre-approved shipping containers, or we can pick these up at your facility. We will transport them to our green waste recycling facility. We will then dry clean them in our closed-loop system. The clean oil soakers will then be sent back to you. It's that simple. Call us for your next oil soaker recycling service today!

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Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids are integral to the mechanics of hydraulic systems. Hydraulics use pressurized fluid (namely hydraulic fluid) to do work. Usually, this pressurized fluid is contained in a cylinder. It then moves a piston that is attached to whatever needs to be moved, such as a forklift or a crankshaft in a car engine. When the pressure is released, the forklift is lowered or the vehicle stops. The automotive industry uses the largest amount of hydraulic fluids in the world. Hydraulic machines are used to manufacture the cars, which run off hydraulics in the car's engine. If you own an automotive shop, you even use hydraulics in your car lifts. The automotive industry uses hydraulics throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our oil soakers are one of the best materials to soak up hydraulic fluids.

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If you've ever added antifreeze to your car, you've dealt with a coolant. The job of a coolant is to regulate the temperature of a system, most often by lowering its temperature. It is also used to prevent engine damage from extreme temperatures. Coolants are made to have high thermal capacity and low viscosity. They also protect the metal components of engines as well. They are essential to the inner workings of your vehicle. Coolants are quite readily absorbed by our oil soakers. You simply spread them out on your spill, let the absorbents soak them up, and then dispose of them properly, ready to be shipped to us for our closed-loop, environmentally-friendly oil absorbent recycling process. Learn more today!

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No matter what industry you are in, from automotive to the restaurant and hair salon industries, no doubt you spill water. Water is one of the easiest liquids to clean up, and you don't have to worry about a stain either. Water spills happen all the time, and sometimes paper towels just won't suffice. When you use oil soakers from Brent Industries, you can place them in a convenient place where spills often happen. When water spills, just grab what you need, absorb the spill, and dispose. Instead of throwing away paper towels, our oil soakers can be recycled and reused, saving your small business from the cost of paper towels and the cost of procuring them. We can pick up and deliver our oil soakers right from your door. And with our green recycling process, you'll reduce your carbon footprint to boot! Call us to get started today!

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Something named oil soakers undoubtedly absorbs oil, and our oil soakers can't be beat. They absorb oil, gasoline, petroleum, diesel, and other oil-based products easily. They are made from polypropylene materials, which is a synthetic that has holes in-between the spaces that collects the spill. If you work in the oil industry, such as drilling for oil on an oil rig, or you work at a gas station, you know that when oil or gas spills, it's simply a matter of throwing on the best oil absorbent pads and letting it do its job. If you've ever tried to clean up a petroleum-based product with just plain paper towels, you know how difficult/next to impossible this is. When you partner with Brent Industries and our oil soakers, you can rest assured that your oil or gas spill will be cleaned up easily and completely. Plus, we'll recycle these oil absorbents using our green recycling process that recaptures solvents so they don't escape into the environment. Contact us to learn more.

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Solvents are usually substances that are a component part of others. They are used for many industrial applications, such as chemicals, oil and gas uses, and in purification processes, like in recycling services. Some common examples of solvents include ethanol, methanol, and acetone. Many industries, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical, use solvents in their products. Thus, solvents can spill as well. Brent Industries' oil soakers work extremely well on solvents. At our petrochemical refinery and processing plant, we capture the residual solvents that we use in our dry cleaning process, which we then reuse. This saves our customers time and money, as well as reduces our impact on the environment. This proprietary oil absorbent recycling process will get your oil soakers clean and ready for reuse. Contact us to learn more!


  • Automotive
  • Oil & Lube Shops
  • Distribution Centers
  • Tow Truck Companies
  • Service Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Warehouses
  • Oil & Gas
  • Private Homeowners
  • Transportation Companies
  • Packaging Centers
  • Delivery companies
  • Rental car businesses
  • Landscaping companies
  • Demolition Companies
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Grocery Stores
  • Healthcare
  • Gas Stations
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Fitness Industry


  • Cotton/Synthetic blend yarn 
  • Durable cotton duck backing
  • Dries quickly
  • Fast absorbency
  • Absorbs many fluids
  • Great for large spills & leaks
  • Dry-cleaning is recommended
  • Average washes for oil soakers is around 20
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Brent Industries has over 40 years of experience in textile and fabric recycling, as well as absorbent recycling. Our expertise lies in our cutting-edge technology that allows us to help you reduce your carbon footprint, while we do so as well. We are constantly innovating in an attempt to use the least amount of raw materials, energy, and chemicals as possible in our green waste recycling processes. We can handle both hazardous and quasi-hazardous substances, which keeps these out of the environment, waterways, and more. We do not produce wastewater since our process relies on dry-cleaning solvents to do the job of cleaning. Our unique process makes us the clear choice for your oil absorbent recycling needs.

If you are looking for the best oil soakers and absorbents, as well as reconditioned gloves, Brent Industries can help. With our door-to-door pick-up and delivery process, we always put our customers' needs first. We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not pollute the environment. Our waste solvents, once they cannot be reused, are treated and disposed of properly, blended with other compatible wastes, and then used in aggregates, such as cement. We believe strongly in caring for the environment as much as our customers. When you partner with us, you play another small part in reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us to begin today!

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