Our Green Waste Recycling Process

Brent Industries, Inc. has pioneered a unique technique for the cleaning and reconditioning of textiles such as absorbents, work gloves, and wiping cloths that contain hazardous and quasi-hazardous substances. Our processing equipment enables us to clean these troublesome items without experiencing the residual environmental issues (particularly wastewater) confronting the traditional textile rental companies who process conventionally. Since our process is dry-cleaning in Stoddard solvents (mineral spirits), we do not have a wastewater problem. Therefore, we are able to process problematic items with ease.

Stand Out Process

One major distinction that makes Brent Industries, Inc. unique is our on-site petrochemical refineries. Others that operate a petrochemical dry-cleaning business end their attempt to clean their used solvents and contaminants removed from the products they process by distillation in purchased pre-designed distillation equipment. Only Brent Industries, Inc. has gone beyond that step and erected an on-site fractionation tower and mini petrochemical refinery to clean the used solvents. As a result, we can continually reuse our solvent. Interestingly, we generate approximately 2,000 gallons monthly that is pure enough for reuse in other applications.

Transporting to Our Facility

Soiled textiles are transported by Brent Industries, Inc. trucks or a common carrier service. The type of containers used for storing and shipping should be discussed and agreed upon between you and your Brent Industries, Inc. representative. From experience, materials normally are shipped by utilizing a common bill of lading as the proper necessary paperwork. It is the generator’s responsibility to determine if the product being shipped should be classed as a hazardous material or not. If so, this should be indicated on the bill of lading. All of Brent Industries, Inc. drivers possess a hazardous material (hazmat) endorsement on their driver’s license. Brent Industries, Inc. delivery paperwork consists of a shipping manifest and packing slip. A bill of lading can be sent if needed. No items being delivered have to be classed as a hazardous material.

Getting Down to Clean

Once Brent Industries, Inc. receives the soiled products at its facility, the dry-cleaning process begins. Containers are inspected for any inferior products (trash or any items that cannot be cleaned). Soiled textiles are inserted into a dry-cleaning machine and are cleaned based on a given recipe. After goods are dry-cleaned and all contaminants removed, all residual solvents are recovered through either vapor reclaiming dryers or solvent separation recovery units. This type of drying is considered a closed-loop process because none of the vapors exit into the atmosphere.

More With Less

Once the petroleum solvent is used, it is deposited into a storage tank. From this storage tank, the solvent goes to the aforementioned distillation (refining) process at which time the distilled solvents are made available for further reuse. By distilling dirty solvents, Brent Industries, Inc. generates waste solvents that are considered hazardous. Our waste solvents are manifested and are transported to a permitted treatment, storage, and disposal facility where the wastes are blended with other compatible wastes and are used as a secondary fuel source in the manufacturing of cement or lightweight aggregates.

Let Us Help You

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