Reconditioning Services

There’s a certain measure of pride that stems from wearing out a pair of work gloves, a set of overalls, or some boots. It’s the tangible evidence of lots of effort and hard work. But rather than letting your workwear and wiping materials simply decay in a landfill somewhere, why not honor their hard work by giving them a second chance to work with you?

Since 1977, Brent Industries has been a leader in the field of reconditioned workwear and sustainable waste management. Reconditioning your industrial fabrics and textiles offers your business the opportunity to cut costs, keep your employees safe, and also reduce your impact on the environment. Thanks to our specially developed process, we can breathe new life into your well-used materials, allowing you to safely use them again and again. 


On a day-to-day basis, your company uses a litany of different materials, supplies, and textiles. Depending on your line of work, these materials might be soiled quickly, or slowly wear with time and use. Constantly replacing these materials with new ones is cost- and time-intensive, distracting you and your budget from the goals that matter most. 

Fortunately, Brent Industries has developed a process that allows us to take your worn or soiled materials and recondition them, making them good-as-new! From absorbent booms and work gloves to wiping materials and fabrics, we recondition all of the materials you use the most.



Recent Technology advances allow Polypropylene Absorbents such as pads, booms, socks, and pillows to be reconditioned and reused. We have two programs for the reconditioning of reusable polypropylene absorbents: Reconditioning and Return: Customer’s reusable polypropylene absorbents are cleaned and returned to the originator.



Not all companies can take advantage of glove reuse. In many instances, we will acquire these gloves, then recondition them for resale. Reconditioned gloves offer considerable savings of up to 70%. Call us for the availability of reconditioned glove styles.


Safety Wear

Fortunately, companies are now taking a more proactive approach to worker safety. Safety Directors are turning to safety equipment manufacturers that are utilizing high-performance fibers such as Kevlar® for products to better protect their workers from the hazards associated with manufacturing. These products offer excellent protection however they can sometimes be very expensive.


Wiping Materials

Industries use a variety of wiping materials that are both disposable and reusable. Disposal includes paper, non-woven and woven textile products. Regardless of the type being disposed of, they all represent a solid waste, and in many cases a long term liability under Superfund (CERCLA).


Specialized Services

There are probably more types of filter media used by industries than pages in an unabridged dictionary. These can usually be categorized as either disposable or reusable. Brent has the ability of cleaning/ reconditioning most reusable filters. Generally, if the contaminant is mineral spirits soluble, it can be processed in our facilities.


Our proven drycleaning and petroleum refining process removes and reclaims oil, solvents, and grease from contaminated materials. We give back clean reconditioned products for reuse, based on high-quality standards, promoting end-user satisfaction.

At Brent Industries, we use a three-phase process that helps to recondition and renew your work materials. It is applicable to nearly all work materials, including gloves, wiping cloths, absorbents, and other textiles that contain hazardous or quasi-hazardous substances.

We are particularly proud of this process because it cleans textiles without releasing other pollutants into the environment or creating wastewater. This process is essentially an elaborate dry-cleaning process that uses Stoddard solvents that halt the production of harmful by-products.


Ship Your Materials to Us

Our reconditioning process begins with you and your team. After you complete the questionnaire and get a quote from a Brent Industries representative, we’ll work together to find the right container to ship your materials, as well as which carrier you’ll need to us.

If need be, we can transport your materials that are considered hazardous. The drivers at Brent Industries have a haz-mat endorsement on their driver’s license. Once your materials arrive at our facility, we can begin the reconditioning process.


Our Reconditioning Facility

Our petrochemical refinery and processing plant is one of the best features of Brent Industries. Our reconditioning and dry-cleaning processes are possible thanks to the on-site fractionation tower. In this tower, we capture the residual solvents from the dry-cleaning system. These solvents are recycled for future projects, saving Brent Industries and our customers time and money. We produce about 2,000 gallons of reusable solvents every month that are reused for other purposes, lessening our impact on the environment.


Reconditioning and Returning Your Materials

To make sure we’re only reconditioning the right materials, we carefully sort every container you send us. We separate out the materials that cannot be cleaned and then move the eligible materials into our machinery. Using a precise solution of chemicals, each piece is cleaned and rid of any remaining contaminants. 

Once this process is complete, we capture any of the leftover solvents using our vapor reclaiming dryers and recovery units. This is a completely closed-loop process, as no residual vapors or solvents are allowed to leave the refinery and enter the atmosphere.

You Get Back the Same Materials You Sent Us

No two businesses operate the same way, so it’s only natural that you would need certain materials for your work. We want to make sure that you get back the same textiles and fabrics that you sent us, so we carefully track each batch throughout the entire process. 

While they might not appear that way, the benefits of using reconditioned work materials like gloves and safety wear are numerous. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for more than 40 years and why our customers love our products and services so much.

Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of a Reconditioning Service


Capture New Markets

In an era of shifting concern about the environment and alarm over how businesses operate, utilizing a green service like textile reconditioning is a huge boon to your business. Practicing conscious consumerism, many people are more aware of how tier products are made and deliberately work with businesses and companies who produce eco-friendly products, or provide services in an environmentally friendly way. You can advertise that your business reduces its consumption of materials by reconditioning them. This could attract an entire demographic of customers that you didn’t have access to previously.


Save Money

It’s often said that you have to spend money to make it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend less to make more. Saving yourself the expense of continually purchasing, and repurchasing work materials goes a long way in stretching your budget. By saving money on textiles, fabrics, and other materials, you can invest these funds into your business, employees, or the equipment you need to expand your business. 

Sure, you can save money by buying products in bulk, but at a certain point, you’re still paying for shipping and handling and delivery fees time and time again. By using reconditioned materials, we estimate that you can save up to 70% on these materials by working with Brent Industries. 


Keep Your Employees Safe and Productive

Any job gets complicated sometimes, and those complications can put your employees at risk. Sometimes these complications can be as complex as a major oil spill, or as simple as not having enough cleanup materials. In either case, you can maintain the safety of your work teams by offering them the right materials for the job and in the right quantities. With Brent Industries, you’ll always have a steady stream of refurbished and reconditioned work textiles at your disposal.

By offering your employees the right materials, they’re more likely to use them. Not only that, many of our customers report that our reconditioned materials return to them in like-new condition, and are actually more comfortable to wear and use.


Stay Compliant with EPA Regulations

Perhaps more pressing than increased market share or improved budgets, there are regulatory concerns you have to take into consideration when you run a business. Executive Order 13101 requires that businesses find and use eco-friendly alternatives to any of the practices when they are available. According to Superfund regulations, all of the products we recondition, including gloves, absorbents, and ballistic textiles, are considered a solid waste product and are not allowed to simply sit in a container unchecked.

The reconditioning services offered by Brent Industries helps your business stay EPA compliant. This means you avoid legal entanglements and costly fines. 


Easier on the Environment

As a business, you are legally obligated to reduce, or eliminate entirely, your environmental impact as you work. More than just the legal obligations, you have a moral and ethical duty to produce your goods and provide your services in a way that is eco-conscious. By using innovative green waste recycling techniques like ours, you’re fulfilling all of those obligations. 

Reusing materials is a great step in the right direction to limit your environmental impact. But by reconditioning your materials, you’re actually taking a much more important step. You’re reducing your consumption of new materials, easing the strain on suppliers to meet ever-growing demands. Our reconditioning services limits the need for your business to purchase new materials as often. This causes a chain-reaction effect, limiting the need to create, pack, and ship new materials. 

Our process also ensures that materials that cannot be reconditioned are disposed of properly. Rather than sealing your soiled industrial textiles in a metal tub and hoping the problem solves itself, we manage it for you. 

Use Our Eco-Friendly Reconditioning Services Today

Do more with less and explore all of the reconditioning services offered by Brent Industries. You’ll enjoy the same quality of materials at lower prices, with the added satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the environment. Connect with a reconditioning specialist today to find out more about our process, our sales, and our pricing and availability. 

Get started today. Please complete the following questionnaire. It is important that we have this information prior to accepting any contaminated materials from you.

Learn more about Wiping Materials Reconditioning and contact us to find out more.


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