Reconditioned Safety Wear

In the past, individuals that were part of the manual labor force experienced high-level threats to safety. With the only objective being “maximum revenue, highest profit” in many companies, safety, and sympathy were nothing more than an afterthought. Working conditions were not fully monitored, hours were not managed properly, and company mishaps would result in reactive actions taken by the company. Fortunately, companies are now taking a more proactive approach to worker safety.

Nowadays, Safety Directors are turning to safety equipment manufacturers that are utilizing high-performance fibers such as Kevlar® for products. These products better protect workers from the hazards associated with manufacturing. While these products offer excellent protection to company workers, they can sometimes be very expensive and hit manufacturing budgets hard.

Since most manufacturers have numerous employees, the cost associated with replenishing new safety gear adds up quickly and immensely. This is increased further in companies that produce toxic or messy products, as the safety equipment faces more opportunities to become unsuitable for protection.

While the life cycle of various safety equipment varies, it is a no-brainer that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be replaced when it does not seem adequate for a given situation. This can range between industries, but after a year, it is reasonable to replace safety gear. (Please note that some industries that work with toxic chemicals or high volumes of dust will wear into PPE at expedited rates. Be aware of your industry and your work environment!)

So what do you do when it is time to replace safety wear? Do you throw it away? Burn it? Dispose into toxic waste bins? Companies throughout the United States have taken these courses of action at one point or another. Here at Brent Industries, we have developed a better alternative to wasteful habits.


Cleaning of various safety wear such as Kevlar® Sleeves, Welder Jackets, Aprons and other personal protective equipment (PPE) has become a specialty of Brent Industries. Brent, along with the help of some fiber manufacturers, has developed cleaning processes to successfully clean many types of PPE without jeopardizing the safety of workers.

Since different manufacturers work with a wide spectrum of materials to produce their products, there is not a one-size-fits-all system for cleaning safety wear. At Brent Industries, we have devised a process that can turn dirty safety wear into brand new (used) gear!

  • Our process begins with the client (you) coordinating the types of PPE that need to be cleaned.
  • From there, we send out proper containers to your location to bring back equipment (including hazardous materials) to our unique petrochemical refinery. This refinery and processing plant is what makes the entire reconditioning process possible.
  • Using solvents and a fractionation tower, we begin dry-cleaning contaminated safety wear. This cleaning is done in a closed-loop process, meaning that we do not allow solvents and vapors to leave the refinery and enter the atmosphere.
  • We are dedicated to our consumers, so we take special consideration into making sure the PPE received for cleaning is the same that is returned to these consumers.
    • Many consumers find the safety gear to be in more comfortable condition than before our process, instigating more use and increased work safety

Benefits of Reconditioning

Brent Industries specializes in cleaning and reconditioning this safety equipment, allowing our clients to reuse the PPE that helps keep their business operating under proper safety conditions. We believe there are added benefits to any client using our services, and after a quick summary below, we know that you will feel the same way.


Financial Relief

Allocating excess budget to continued development, employee wellness, and expanded horizons can be the difference-maker in helping your business thrive. If you do not have this excess budget however, your operations are generally limited to what they were prior to this reconditioning discovery. In a manufacturing industry, continued purchase of new safety wear can upend profits into nothing more than red-line revenue. The cost to purchase, ship, store, utilize, and dispose of this equipment can add damaging sums to materials, overhead, and staff.

One benefit of reconditioned safety wear is tremendous bottom-line cost savings to the manufacturing budget! We alleviate many costs such as transportation and labor for your personal protective equipment needs. Many times, our clients have upgraded their PPE to more expensive and higher performing equipment, all without increasing their bottom line manufacturing cost. Having continually fresh, clean, and visible safety wear can also reduce the likelihood of an on-site accident. When you take this injury reduction into consideration, company costs even go down in certain situations (high-risk manufacturing operations).


Environmental Alignment

With organizations such as EPA and OSHA, it is becoming increasingly clear that companies need to consider the environment when making business decisions. Not only is it legally required in most cases, but consumers in today’s society rally behind those that show effort in environmental movements. Reducing environmental impact can benefit the company from the standpoint of consumer admiration/loyalty, legal obligations, and personal satisfaction.

Brent Industries helps lessen your environmental footprint by simply being one of our partners. We take care of transportation, cleaning, and waste management, leaving you to focus on manufacturing operations. We take pride in a proactive approach to environmental management and hope that you decide to take the plunge with us.

Try Brent Industries For All your Reconditioning Needs

If you are currently using PPE, or consider using expensive PPE to properly protect your workers, you should consider a top-quality reconditioning program from Brent. With Brent, you can enjoy savings up to 70% in comparison to buying new products for individual, one-time uses. Over time, this percentage can increase with continued reconditioning as opposed to brand new bulk orders. As a client of Brent Industries, you can also feel comfortable with the environmental benefits you are spreading throughout the world. We hope you consider reconditioning for your next batch of safety wear. We will be happy to process samples free of charge after completion of our initial evaluation.


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