Safety Wear

Fortunately, companies are now taking a more proactive approach to worker safety. Safety Directors are turning to safety equipment manufacturers that are utilizing high performance fibers such as Kevlar® for products to better protect their workers form the hazards associated with manufacturing. These products offer excellent protection however they can sometimes be very expensive and hit manufacturing budgets hard.

The cleaning of these products, such as Kevlar® Sleeves, Welders Jackets, Aprons and other personal protective equipment (PPE) has become a specialty of Brent’s. Brent, with the help of some fiber manufacturers, has developed cleaning processes to successfully clean many types of PPE without jeopardizing worker safety.

Your benefit is tremendous bottom line cost savings to your manufacturing budget! Many times companies have upgraded their PPE to more expensive higher performing equipment without increasing their bottom line manufacturing cost. Especially when you consider injury reduction.

If you are currently using or considering using expensive PPE to protect your workers, you should consider a top quality reconditioning program from Brent and enjoy savings of up to 70% over buying new products for each use. We will be happy to process samples free of charge for your evaluation.

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