The Benefits of Reconditioning Your Work Gloves

benefits of reconditioned gloves brent industries

If you work in a trades industry, or any industry where you use your hands a lot, you probably wear gloves a lot. In fact, it’s a necessary precaution to protect your hands from splinters, cuts, scrapes, and sharp objects, such as knives and power tools, that can cause serious damage to your hands. However, depending on how often you use your work gloves, you can end up going through a lot of them fairly quickly.

Brent Industries is a waste disposal company that specializes in textile reconditioning and industrial recycling services. Our mission is to help your company not only save money by reusing gloves and the like that you already have, but also to help reduce waste and protect the environment. Below, we’ll take a look at some key benefits of reconditioning your work gloves. Contact our hazardous waste disposal company today!



We all want to reduce our carbon impact on the environment, meaning reduce the energy we use that entails the use of carbon-based fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas. Most of us recycle on a regular basis, and we watch our fuel consumption in other ways, such as the energy we use in our homes and businesses. Pinching pennies as a business owner is the name of success.

By investing in glove reconditioning services by Brent Industries, you will be helping to save the environment since you won’t be using as many natural resources that it takes to make brand new gloves. It takes less energy to recondition gloves than it does to manufacture new ones, and our special reconditioning process is a closed-loop process, meaning no wastes go into the environment. We reuse our solvents repeatedly, using less energy and resources than fresh, and what waste products we do generate are safely transported to a treatment, storage, and disposal facility where the waste is further blended and reused.

Conserves Ecosystems

One of the main benefits of reconditioning gloves is that it protects ecosystems. By reducing the need to harvest and extract new natural resources from the environment, you will not be doing any damage to wildlife that live where the natural resources are. Work gloves are made from many different materials, including cloth, polyester, leather, and kevlar and other synthetic materials. No matter what material items are made from, most all have some sort of impact on wildlife and ecosystems, whether trees are needed, water from rivers are needed in processing plants, or natural gas and oil are needed to make the machines run. All of this comes from the environment, and there truly is no way to avoid an impact to ecosystems when we remove materials from nature.

Reduces Pollution

In most manufacturing processes, a lot of waste products and pollution can be generated, from the carbon emissions of heavy machinery and the machinery inside the plant to whatever materials are used in the particular process. If you think about the projects you make, even just cutting out snowflakes with your kids, there is inevitably waste products in the materials you don’t use. The same goes for manufacturing. You shart with a big piece of metal, for instance, and you have to cut shapes out of it, leaving bits of unused metal bits. This is a simple example. In manufacturing when the processes become complicated, a large amount of pollution can be generated.

Conserves Landfill Space

When you are done with an item, say food packaging, coffee grinds, or a pair of gloves, most of the time, these materials end up in the trash. You then put your trash out for trash collection for the week. Your trash collector hauls the trash to the landfill, where it is then buried. Eventually, the landfill has to dig more holes to handle all of the waste that is brought in.

However, when you invest in reconditioned gloves with Brent Industries, those work gloves you normally would have thrown in the trash can now be reconditioned. If you expand this to the thousands of gloves thrown away nationwide and even worldwide, this is a lot of trash that takes up a lot of landfill space. Our wash cloth recycling plant thus helps to conserve space in landfills.

Creates Jobs, Benefiting the Economy

The recycling process typically takes more manpower than trash disposal. When you pick up trash to throw away, it doesn’t take a lot of guys to collect it and haul it off. However, in a recycling plant there are many different processes that take place, from sorting and cleaning the materials to be recycled when they come in to the actual recycling and then repackaging process.

If the recycled materials are then shipped off to remanufacturing plants, this involves even more people. The entire recycling process thus takes a lot more manpower, which creates jobs and benefits the economy and the country as a whole. As a consumer when you invest in purchasing products that have been recycled, you are investing in keeping the recycling process going.

Saves Energy and Money

As you can see from the above benefits, as you save the need for sourcing new raw materials, that energy will be saved as well as that cost. You will reduce your pollution and the machinery needed to help mitigate your pollution, which saves you fuel costs and thus money. And your trash bill will go down, saving you money.

When using Brent Industries for your reconditioned gloves, we can sell these back to you at a much lower rate than purchasing new work gloves would cost you, saving you even more money. In sum, when you invest in reconditioned gloves, you will save a lot of energy, which is good for the environment and is energy you don’t have to pay for, and you will save money because of the energy savings and the cost savings in buying reconditioned gloves from our waste disposal company.


Truly, there is no better way to save your business thousands of dollars than investing Brent Industries’ reconditioned gloves. We began this business back in 1977 and have grown by leaps and bounds since then as more companies have realized the value in buying used gloves in bulk. Whether you are a roofer or a landscaping company or you provide HVAC services or you work in a factory, you need work gloves. Our reconditioned work gloves look brand new and come back to you in tip-top shape, nice and clean. You will still enjoy the wonderful protection gloves offer you.

When you ship your reconditioned gloves to us, we ensure you receive the same gloves back, just reconditioned. Brent Industries sells reconditioned gloves as well, whether you’ve shipped them to us or not. Call for availability.

Brent Industries also specializes in reconditioning other materials as well, from absorbents and safety wear to wiping materials and more. Our proven drycleaning and petroleum refining process will not only give you back cleaned, reconditioned gloves and more, but you’ll get back much more in the ripple effect recycling affords. When you put your trust in Brent Industries to recondition your gloves, you, your company, your employees, and your customers will reap the benefits. Call our wash cloth recycling plant to get started!

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