Vendor Management Programs

We have successfully implemented several vendor management programs where Brent Industries provides the entire management of one’s product needs including the maintenance and after care. Although most of these programs are focused on hand protection, other products such as, but not limited to, absorbents and wiping materials may be managed for improved performance, delivery and cost.

There are several variations of vendor management programs, wherein each one is tailored to the specific needs and parameters of the customer. This can range from dock pick up and delivery, to pick up and distribution to point of use locations within the facility.

In these programs, work applications are assessed to determine the product needs. Products are recommended based on safety, job performance and reconditionability. In most cases better quality products can be used at a lower cost even if it is more expensive to purchase.

A Brent managed program transcends traditional supplier and reconditioner relationships. As an active partner, we become a proactive member of your supplier team, capable of handling the most demanding situation, down to the team or individual level. We are recognized by our capability of responding and conforming to changing needs while striving for continuous improvement, which is achieved by individual assessments and listening to the voices of others.

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